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Bending die description

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Bending die description

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Use specification for bending machine die

1, connected to the power of the bending machine, to reverse the key switch, press the pump to start, press the oil pump began to turn, this time the machine has not yet started work.

2, stroke adjustment, in the beginning of the formal use of bending machine bending machine to carry out the work, need to test. When the bending machine is down to the bottom of the bottom, there is a need to ensure that there is a thick plate gap. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. Stroke adjustment is also an electric fast adjustment and manual adjustment.

3, bending machine die notch, notch in general to choose the thickness 8 times the width of the. Such as plate bending 4mm, need to choose about 32 slot.

4. Check the coincidence degree and the robustness of the upper and lower die, and check whether the positioning device meets the requirements of the process. Often check the upper and lower mold the coincidence degree; the pressure gauge of the instructions are in line with the provisions of.

5, plate bending must be compacted, prevent the plate tilt operator on bending damage.

6, adjustable sheet metal mould must cut off the power, stop running.

7, in the case of a variable bending machine to change the opening of the die, do not allow any contact with the lower mold.

8, to prohibit use bending machine die fold super thick steel plate or quenched steel, high alloy steel, square and over sheets of plate bending machine performance, in order to avoid damage to the machine.

9, closed bending machine, on both sides of the cylinder mold bottom placed on the skateboard fell topieces will block. Exit control system first, then cut off power. [1]

Installation and adjustment

In the installation of bending machine tool, we must check the status of good equipment, and then follow the steps to install and debug, pay attention to the personal safety when debugging. Machine adjustment

In the installation of bending machine dies, the first to understand the machine performance, open the bending machine, patient adjustment and inspection, see the machine can be used before the dust, as well as iron scrap, etc.. To prevent unnecessary trouble to use in the later period.

Slider stroke adjustment

First check the bending machine mold thickness and the proportion of the upper and lower module is normal, the general slider need to control the switch points on the trip line, this is a must to pay attention, otherwise it will lead to mold can not be used normally, but some people still often make such mistakes.

Stroke module adjustment

After adjusting the slider stroke standard, the next is the upper limit of the module is adjusted, the general situation of the module to the highest point, is to put the module and switch settings. This can be the location of the flow of the module, through the above operation, then can greatly increase the production efficiency. In the process, it also needs to slow down the module. Because when the module to the bottom dead center in the downlink, must slow down module, so as to preserve the machine and mold.

Gap adjustment

At last it is the adjustment of the gap between the bending machine and the gap between the upper and the lower module. The reasonable gap needs to be determined according to the plate.

Angle adjustment

Adjust the bending angle is the most important aspect, the angle is sure to be related to the product requirements, generally speaking 90 degrees of mold, then angle must be set in the middle of the angle must be greater than on both sides, sometimes may be tight, you can adjust the screw on the machine. After adjustment, such as in the product does not change the need to change the situation, do not go on to modify. And then in the bending of the time, through the pressure gauge, to calculate the exact number of pressure, pressure adjustment. In order to avoid causing the die cutting edge.

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